Experienced in setting up CI/CD pipelines with Jenkins, Docker, Ansible


Architecture and code SPA's with Angular and React. Good knowledge of fronend data architecture patterns and frameworks like Redux, rxjs. Styling skills CSS, Sass, Less


Node.js and java/groovy based backend experience. Spring-Boot, Grails, Hibernate, Kafka


Intensiv experience with Oracle Database. MySQL and Postgress.


Good knowlwdge of agile methodology like SCRUM or Kanban.


Technical University of Gdansk, Poland

Degree in Electrical Engineering, Msc • 1986

Industrial Experience

  • Electronic Commerce
  • Telecom – mobile and landline network operator
  • Transport – air traffic control (AIS/AIM), railway
  • Healthcare
  • Financial services – card-based payments
  • Energy
  • ERP and CRM
  • Lottery and regulated gaming
  • Governmental organisations, regulator


Only major assignments from the last 10 years, detailed list upon request.

Diverse consulting assignments in Austria and Germany

• September, 2018 — Current

Support teams in upgrade and improvement of Angular applications

  • Upgrade Angular applications to 6 and 7
  • Introduce state management with ngrx
  • Introduce snapshot testing with jest
  • refactor applications to use reactive forms
  • teach functional-reactive programming in Angular applications

Federal Employment Agency, Nürnberg, Germany

Frontend Developer • March, 2018 — August, 2018

Developing and maintenence SPA application and micro services

  • Angular 5, Typescript, RxJs in frontend
  • Spring-Boot, Java 8 in Backend
  • Docker/Mesos/Marathon based cloud infrastructure
  • Jenkins, Git-Flow based pipeline
  • Automated testing - Jasmine, Protractor, Cucumber, PACT
  • Agile, SCRUM based process

REWE-Digital, Köln, Germany

Fullstack Developer in DevOps Team • August, 2017 — March, 2018

Concept, architecture, develop and run microservices, a part of big e-commerce retail system

  • Spring-Boot, Kafka based backend
  • Frontend React.js based SPAs
  • Full dockerized real Devops - "You build it you run it", Jenkins, Docker
  • Spock, Groovy based testing framework
  • Agile SCRUM based process

ÖBB - Austrian Federal Rail, Vienna, Austria

Fullstack Developer - Javascript • February, 2015 — July, 2017

Develop new ticket shop - a single page, multi channel web application in agile team

  • Agile Kanban based process
  • AngularJS, Typescript based frontend
  • Node.js, Express, Typescript based API Backend, MongoDB, Mocha, Chai

Frequentis, Vienna, Austria

Technical Project Manager • February, 2013 — December, 2014

Coordinate technical aspects of a new developed customer system for the processing of Flight Plans and Pre-Flight Briefings over the Internet

  • Collaboration in tender and pre-sales
  • Elaboration of System and Software Requirements
  • Creation of System and Software Design Documents
  • Review and coordination of technical system design
  • Evaluation of underlying technology stack for GIS, E-Commerce and Mobile aspects

Frequentis, Eurocontrol and major ANSP's

Technical Lead - Subsystem Manager • July, 2011 — December, 2012

Technical leadership of the major EAD subsystem - Common Services. Intensive experience in AIS/AIM specific domain areas such as AIXM, Flight Plan processing according to ICAO 4444, ADQ, AIP

  • Management of subsystem delivery lifecycle – changes, requirements, specifications, development assessment
  • Management of subsystem human resources and external partners
  • Quality Management
  • Management of Support Services
  • Design, co-development and assessment of Internet Briefing System for the major European ANSP

Scientific Games, Vienna, Austria

Backend Developer • June, 2010 — Jume, 2011

Co-working on the development of new Lottery System for the major regulated gaming operator. Support of the development team in implementing web services in Java and Spring Framework, automation of the deployment process on Websphere Application Server and automated testing.